Massage Oils

Massage oils add a fun and exciting new dimension to your sex life by increasing your physical awareness of your own and your partner’s body and by enhancing your natural sensory reception to sensual smells, tastes and touch. Many personal lubricants double as massage oils and any oil’s effectiveness can be increased if used in conjunction with a massager or books specifically designated to teaching the art of erotic massage.

Massage oils vary greatly in consistency and texture, with some being raw natural oils and other being thick and creamy lotions or gels. Many massage oils are made from natural essential oils and are edible and have distinctive flavors that can enhance your sexual experience. Other essential oils have powerful aromas that are proven aphrodisiacs, like the scents of jasmine and ylang ylang. Even further, many massage oils come with added warming or tingling sensations. Although warming gels and creams don’t actually raise their heat levels, they are products of thermoception that feel to the user like gentle heat is being placed upon them. Tingling products generally utilize the natural essence of capsaicin, a product of chili peppers, to add a stimulating zing to your sex life.

If using massage oils that double as personal lubricants, it is important to remember that cleanliness after use is of the utmost importance. Many massage oils have glycerol, a sugar alcohol of thick consistency. Sugars feed the natural yeast that occurs in a healthy vaginal canal and they feed bad bacteria, both of which, when harbored and incubated by a film of leftover sugar, can potentially cause infection. It is also important to remember that oil breaks down latex, so any massage oils with natural oils in them may seem tempting to use as a personal lubricant, but they should only be used in conjunction with polyurethane, rather than latex, condoms. Similar to sugar, a leftover film of oil can incubate bacteria and cause infection, so it is important to clean yourself thoroughly after use.

Especially if used with sex toys or erotic massage, these oils offer a unique sexual experience with heightened senses and a greater sense of relaxation. With such a wide variety to choose from, available at most drugstores and almost all adult novelty stores, everyone is certain to find a massage product that suits their needs and personal senses. Personal lubricants are also imperative to bettering your sex life and oils or creams that double as such are in great supply, including oil-free massage products that are based from water or silicone. When used carefully according to the directions and when throughly cleaned afterwards, massage creams and oils can be invaluable to having a healthy and enjoyable sex life.