Oil Based Lubes

Oil based lubricant appeals to some couples because they are largely made of all natural ingredients and there is limited risk of allergic reaction or skin irritation from synthetic substances, as most of these lubricants are completely hypoallergenic. The slick texture of oil based lube lasts for a long time during sexual play and does not dry out easily. You only need to use a very small amount. Using too much of an oil based gel during sexual play will cause your skin to become too slick, reducing the friction that is essential to creating sexual stimulation. It is important when using oil based lubricant that you exclusively use polyurethane condoms; oil breaks down latex and will tear condoms made of this material. You should also avoid contact with the lubricants and latex sex toys, although silicone sex toys are fine and will not be damaged by the ingredients. Oil based lube is ideal for water play in the pool, shower, or anywhere else where water is plentiful. Water will simply bead on the lubricated skin and be wicked away. This does make oil based lubricant somewhat difficult to wash off, but it comes off easily if you just add a small amount of soap to the water with which you are washing.

It is imperative when using oil based lube that you are meticulous in your personal hygiene. Oil clogs the pores and will prevent the sensitive skin around the genitals from receiving the clean air that they need. Always wash thoroughly with soap and water after use, as most oils leave behind a thin film that can harbor infection-causing bacteria and yeast, especially in the vaginal canal. It is generally not a good idea to use oil based gels during anal sex, as the anal tissue already plays host to a number of bad bacteria that will be incubated if allowed to thrive in a layer of oil. If used with careful care, though, oil based products should not cause any irritation or discomfort.

Many people enjoy using oil based lubricant because they can typically double as massage oil or even as a moisturizer for the skin. Some of the all natural oil lubricants come with essential oils that are appealing to the senses and relax the users during intercourse. They also sometimes come with natural scents or flavors, although it is important to remember not to digest too much flavored lubricant if it is oil based because oil can be difficult to digest, especially when mixed with synthetic ingredients. Overall, oil based lubricant offers a reliable lubrication option that is unlikely to dry out and when using natural products is unlikely to cause the skin irritation or allergic reactions that some other lubricants may cause.