Warming Lube

Warming lubricants are lubricants that contain typically synthetic ingredients that induce thermoception when put into contact with skin or natural body moisture. Thermoception refers to a process by which the product does not actually heat up, but seems to the user to feel warmer. The main ingredient in most warming lubricants is glycerol, a very thick, viscous sugar alcohol that aids the seemingly heat-creating ingredients. A lot of warming lube contains capsaicin, a natural ingredient that is the active component in chili peppers. Warming lube can be either water based or honey based. Honey based warming lube is generally for external use only and is best used for external sexual play or as a massage oil. These are sometimes preferred because they have natural ingredients that can be less irritating to the skin, but they are not recommended as a warming lube used on the genitals or in the vaginal canal. Water based warming lube is safe for sexual use and many of these options come with adding tingling effects, aided by capsaicin or other similar naturally occurring ingredients of spice. Some of these lubricants are flavored and edible and make fun all-purpose sexual lubricants.

It is important to be aware of the ingredients in any type of lubricant, as they may cause skin irritations or allergic reactions, especially lubricants with added extras like warming or tingling sensations. It is best to test all warming lube on the inside of your wrist before using. The inside of the wrist is a sensitive area of the skin and will generally represent the reaction that your genitals will have to the products used. If you have an adverse reaction to a particular type of warming lube, a quick and easy fix is simply to switch to a different brand that has a different main ingredient. Because glycerol is a sweet substance, you should be aware that it could potentially harbor, incubate and feed bad bacteria that can lead to infections, and it can also feed the natural yeast occurring in a healthy vaginal canal, potentially causing yeast infections. It is imperative when using any kind of lubricant, but especially warming lube, that you maintain the utmost cleanliness after use.

Warming lubricants come in a variety of sizes and prices may differ greatly based not only on the size of the product, but also on its main ingredients. For example, a silicone based lubricant will be more expensive than a water based one. Many manufacturers of sexual lubricants offer trial sizes or sample packs that allow you to try a variety of lubricants in order to find the best fit for you and your partner. When used properly and appropriately cleaned afterwards, warming lubricants offer a safe and easy way to have more physically and sensually pleasurable sex.